Visualization Insights

Our team works hard to bring data to life. Whether it is to build beautiful mobile dashboards, declarative scoring methodologies we can help your users make meaningful decisions.

We help you build custom real time dashboards and reporting tools that delivers superior performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability using data engineering. Whether you're using the latest and greatest data warehouses, old legacy systems, or multiple platforms, Our data analysts help you to easily pull all data from services like: Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, DB2, Firebird, Google BigQuery, MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, Oracle OCI, Postgre SQL, Sybase, Synapse SQL Anywhere, XMLA and more.

We can help you in

  • • Analyze large data at one time using custom dashboards/charts
  • • Find patterns
  • • Find correlations between business operations through data visualization reports
  • • Identify upcoming trends

Data Visualization Techniques we use

  • • Relationship (scatter plot)
  • • Timeframe (line graph)
  • • Composition (pie chart)
  • • Comparisons (bar chart)
  • • Interactive maps
  • • Multilayer Geo Charts
  • • Multisource Dashboards
  • • Cross Filtering
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