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Areas of Expertise

Software Development

  • Programming Languages: Python, R, C++, Java and .Net
  • Web Technologies/Frameworks: Django, Flask and Angular
  • Data Visualization: Tableau, Qlikview, Looker and D3.js
  • Database: SQL, NoSQL and Graph Databases
  • Cloud: Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web-Services

Data Science/Machine Learning

  • Regression models:Linear, SVR, SGD and Random Forest
  • Classification models:Random Forest, SVM, Logistic, KNN and Neural Networks
  • Clustering models:K-means, DB-Scan and Hierarchical
  • Natural Language Processing: Sentimental Analysis, Information extraction and Topic Segmentation
  • Model Deployment and Maintenance:Application Hosting, API development and Model tuning

Research & Consulting

  • Market Research & Market Size Estimation
  • Financial Modelling & Back-Testing
  • Equity Research & Risk Management
  • Performance & Cost Optimization
  • Business/Opportunity Analysis

Data Analytics & Visualization

  • Data Gathering & Web data extraction
  • Data Processing, Wrangling and Standardization
  • Aesthetic Dashboards with key metrics
  • Customized Web & Mobile Applications
  • End-to-end Data Management