Success Stories

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    Market Research

    Market Research enables a CPG company to find appropriate target market for Greenfield Expansion
    Business Challenge A US company engaged in the production of skincare and other beauty products was looking to identify the right market to expand globally. Additionally, the company wanted to know the retailers with whom it could place its products for maximum visibility and customer reach.

    The Solution We conducted a geographical study on macroeconomic factors including consumer spending potential and average spending as a percentage of GDP on beauty products, ease of doing business factors to identify the most lucrative market for expansion. We also conducted a store-wise research in two of the most attractive markets to assess the potential retail partners.

    Results Client was able to identify the best markets for expansion and develop accurate revenue projections upon partnering with various retail stores. Client has already initiated implementation of the geographic expansion.

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    Global Opportunity

    Assessing the global opportunity value of new equity listings for a global asset management firm
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    Data Management/Analytics

    Transitioning from a data management/analytics service provider to a comprehensive suite of services vendors